The Closet Diva

Personal Image Consultant

Since 2006, Janise has been helping men & women learn how to dress and to refine their personal image, or brand, in a way that brings them personal and professional success. Janise took her image consultant training at the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Provo, Utah in 2006.


A personal stylist advises individuals on new trends, clothing styles, colours and make-up.  A personal stylist is concerned with an individual rather than a particular fashion brand.


Janise authored the book, Closet Rescue: The Answer to the Age-Old Cry "I Have Nothing to Wear" in response to women requesting more help in organizing their closets. 

Two affordable packages to choose from ...


Easily choose appropriate looks for every situation so you feel confident and leave a positive lasting impression on everyone you meet. Create mix & match outfits that will help you look & feel fabulous. Save time and take the stress out of shopping!



DURATION: 2.0 – 2.5 HRS

It starts with a relaxed in-home consultation, where I will get to know you and help assess your current wardrobe. Working together, we’ll make four key decisions:

What to keep

What to alter

What to donate

What to acquire



Next, we will go out and shop for you based on your budget and the needs we identified together. All you’ll have to do is simply whisk yourself into a dressing room filled with terrific finds chosen by an expert for you.



Following your shopping trip, I will come back to your home to blend your new wardrobe items with your old favourites and show you how to accessorize each look with style.

A digital "Lookbook" will help you remember the new looks and make getting dressed a joy.




C$ 600.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This package includes closet editing, a personal shopping trip, and a styling session in your home. It also includes your own personal "Lookbook", a digital album of all of the outfits styled for you by Janise Somer, The Closet Diva. *Does not include the cost of clothes, shoes or accessories purchased during the shopping trip.

BONUS: You will receive a FREE copy of Janise's book, "Closet Rescue" as a thank-you for your business.




Duration: 2 HRS

We’ll begin with an in-home style consultation to sort through and purge existing items that you’re unsure of or aren’t the most flattering for your body type. We will then identify pieces that need minor alterations for tailoring so that you can implement your quality pieces into your wardrobe. In addition, I will help you separate all of your unwanted or unflattering pieces of value so that you can consign them or you can gift them to a charity thrift store.


Duration: 2.5 HRS

Let’s play dress up, and together, we’ll try on, mix & match, layer, accessorize and create three outfit combinations with what you already own for TWO areas of your life complete with the best shoes and accessories.

For example…

  • If you’re a professional or an entrepreneur, 3 Work Looks + 3 Weekend Looks
  • If you’re a mom, 3 Day Looks + 3 Date Night Looks.

For each look created, I will take photos so that you have a go-to style reference guide to take the guesswork out of getting dressed.


ready to look fabulous?

Closet Rescue Package

C$ 400.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Your CLOSET RESCUE package includes a Closet Assessment and Styling Session with Janise Somer, The Closet Diva, and digital photos to document the outfits created.

BONUS: You will receive a FREE copy of Janise's book, "Closet Rescue" as a thank-you for your business.


Judy P.

For the first time I can remember, I put my winter clothes in a different closet thanks to the expert help and coaching of Janise Somer, The Closet Diva, today my closet is de-cluttered, I learned that I apparently have a tendency towards grey suits, and I have to go shoe shopping! Did you hear that?!! Shoe shopping!!!!! Janise, you are the BEST! THANK YOU! Every time I think of my closet now I see myself skipping along like a little girl!

Andrea A.

I’m so happy with my new clothes! Janise, you are a stylin’ machine… thanks for cutting through all the less-than-fabulous stuff and working so quickly and efficiently. AND under my budget! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Colleen H.

Janise, you are awesome! I am thrilled with the makeover. I have had so many compliments. My husband and my daughter were amazed at my transformation. My daughter couldn’t say enough about her mother’s new look. She said I looked beautiful and 10 years younger. What a compliment! I wore my coral outfit for my Mah Jong group yesterday. They were impressed with the total look. The jeans turned out to be a perfect choice to go with the top. They also loved the shoes. Thanks again, Janise, for an awesome experience.