Do you stand in front of a jam-packed closet saying to yourself, "I have nothing to wear." The Closet Diva, a personal image consultant and professional speaker, will help you to edit, sort and organize your closet to take the stress out of getting dressed in the morning. You will also learn how to shop smarter and stop buying mistakes. All of this in a step-by-step process that is easy for anyone!



Straight to the Point!
No water, short and clear. Loved this book very much. Recommend for all newbies to the closet organization and capsule wardrobe approach. 

Amazon Customer

Good Organizing Ideas!

I was surprised that I liked this book, only because I didn't really think there was much about dressing, shopping and organizing I didn't already know. But, she brought up the idea of "orphans;" clothes you buy but don't have anything to go with. I had just cleaned out my closet and had begun organizing it. Now, I have to take everything back out and start over. Sigh." 

Sherry Damore

Closet rescue indeed!

This book might be little but it packs a punch. I got a chance to see Janise at a workshop she gave as well, & she opened my eyes to a lot of fashion dilemmas I was creating myself. The one that really struck me was the concept of "orphans". It is that item you love in the store, you buy, bring home & it doesn't go with anything in your closet! Now I am very aware when I buy something out of my normal comfort range, making sure I have items to pair with it or that I commit to buying some pieces that would work with it. Overall, this book will help you keep an organized closet, pair items together that work, & help you dress for real life situations without panic. Buy this book for yourself, a girlfriend, even your mother-in-law. A fabulous gift for the girl with full closets who already has everything. 


You should read this!

The best book about organizing your closet, great step by step advice, what you should have in your closet, what to get rid of and how to put everything together. It inspired me so much that my closet was organized within 3 days, I gave away tons of clothing that I had thought to wear for sure - never did though :) Thank you Janise - I think every woman should have your book and read it, the glamour comes with it,



A perfect primer!

This book should be on every woman's bookshelf! It is fun to read and was so easy to apply to my existing (and future) wardrobe. I've referred to it several times before shopping or when I need to be reminded of my personal style. Buy one copy to keep and several to give as gifts!! 

Andrea E.